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Buy biscuits, snacks and chocolates online - Can't wait for the kids to come over!

Going to the supermarket with a child is really hard, the child will throw a fit, he/she would go berserk looking at the widely available range of chocolates, biscuits and other snacks that they can grab and pile on the trolley, the child will then throw a massive tantrum as soon as you take the items out of the trolley or even if you show an inkling to take the items out. The grocery bill is one thing but cut short to the dentists office a few years later. Seems going to the supermarket is quite a hassle, bringing online shopping solution under one banner to the people of Karachi. 

Bringing you a wide variety of imported biscuits and chocolates, as well as Pakistani brands to satisfy your cravings and get you prepared for any impromptu party that you might be having. Do you want a low-calorie snack? no worries we have it all. The freshest biscuits that you can find in Pakistan, fresh from the oven plus you don't have to move an inch, with a few clicks place an order with us and we will hand deliver the item to your doorstep.